The quarterback of a football team is supposed to be the leader. The guy who speaks for the team and takes responsibility for the team’s failures, especially offensively since he controls the ball on every snap.  He’s accountable.Not the Raider’s quarterback.Therein lies the problem.Whether he’s too young and immature or just happy to have his 30 million guaranteed dollars and just doesn’t care, it’s plain to see that JaMarcus Russell does not feel like he’s accountable.

“I don’t think it’s me personally, I really don’t. It’s a bad combination of one guy doesn’t do something right one time.”

What quarterback says that? Add his comments to the way he conducts himself off the field, most notably his weight, rumors of missing meetings, and general lack of commitment to this football team. And watch him on the sideline. He reportedly sits in his usual spot on the bench and doesn’t engage other players or coaches much at all. The most animated he has been was cheerleading for Bruce Gradkowski when he replaced him last Sunday.

Miller said he didn’t talk to Russell about being benched but hopes it will have a positive effect in that he’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. That’s Cable’s plan, anyway.“You hope so. If a guy’s wired right, that’s exactly how they’ll use it,” Cable said. (more)

Let’s all hope that this guy is “wired right”. All signs point the other way right now.

Want a laugh?  Try this site: Vote JaMarcus Russell for the 2010 Pro Bowl!

Here’s the main reason the Raiders are so inept offensively: horrible drafting.  They have Russell, McFadden, and Heyward Bey when they could have Adrian Peterson, Joe Flacco, and Crabtree or Maclin.  The sad thing is, they have so much invested in these players, they’re going to have to suffer with them until it’s obvious beyond any reasonable doubt that they are busts.  These lean years will continue because of it.

Crabtree watch:  In his first game, Crabtree has already surpassed Heyward-Bey’s productivity.  DHB has played virtually every snap for seven games.  They could be tied if he hadn’t dropped a touchdown pass late in the Jets game. Bad hands, but man he can run really fast.

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