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Draft: Day Two

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

If I liked the Raiders first pick on this second day of the draft, I’d title this post Bing-0! Cheesey, I know.

Unfortunately, I don’t like the pick….read this profile and tell me if you don’t think the description sounds a lot like what was written about first round flop Derrick Gibson. He came out as a junior, so hope he can improve with professional coaching, bu there’s a lot of negative stuff in that profile. He was basically rated as a “good backup and special teamer”.

He didn’t qualify for admission to USC in 2002 and had to go to a city college. Beautiful. And we’ve got this gem from ESPN: “There are also some concerns regarding his mental capacity and durability….”. That’s just what the Raiders need in the defensive backfield….a dumb guy.

Sadly, it looks like the Raiders are going to be on the “Losers” list when the media does their post-draft “Winners and Losers” round-ups. I’m a bit depressed.

Another Reach

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Paul McQuistan, an OL from that powerhouse Weber State, is the latest Raider reach. The guy was great in college but with subpar competition. Scouts say he’s a project that needs work….not what I’d expect as a high third rounder. The Raiders didn’t even follow their “best athlete” logic here, because the guy is not that athletic. He is said to be tough and mean though, so that’s a plus. Funny, someone commenting over at Raider Take said he looks like the evil and creepy Malachai character from Children of the Corn. Take a look.

I wonder…had the Raiders won the coin toss with San Francisco (lucky bastards!), if they would have chosen TE Vernon Davis in the first. A playmaking TE is definitely a big Raider need.

Huh?!? Thomas Howard as a High 2nd Rounder?

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

LB Thomas Howard is a curious choice and, I think, a bad one. One of those classic (in a negative way) Raider mistakes where the guy’s a stud and workout warrior, but just an average football player. It’s the best athlete available theory, which often leads to some major busts…the dude has to be able to play the game! I would’ve seriously considered USC RB LenDale White here. I just hope I’m wrong about Howard, but this choice is such a high second rounder that it’s almost like a low first and making this reach for this player is wrong.

Michael Huff is #1

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

A part of me was rooting for the Raiders to select Matt Leinart (poor guy went to Arizona), but S Michael Huff was the smart pick. Hope he doesn’t end up being another Derrick Gibson….and wonder what happens to Derrick Gibson now, since he was re-signed. Huff is blazing fast and seems to play the ball well. Plus, he hits like George Atkinson did. I was a little bitter that the lame whiners grabbed TE Vernon Davis just in front of the Raiders. I betcha they would’ve been tempted to pick him if he was there. He’s going to be great. Now, the Raiders need a playmaking outside linebacker.

Anything Can Happen Today

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Now, with the Texans officially having signed DE Mario Williams, the top 10 choices are in a bit of chaos. Depending on who the Raiders want, don’t be surprised to see them move up to get their guy (Bush? Leinart?). Hope they don’t give too much away to do that, or move up and select Vince Young. I think he’ll still be there at number 7, if they want him. There’s talk now of the NY Jets trading up to number 2 to take Bush. It’s gonna be a crazy first round.

I wanted to comment on the strange Lance Johnstone re-signing by the Raiders. Why? This guy is on the downside of his career and is 32 years old. He has seriously slowed down lately. On the one hand, anyone is better than that stiff Tyler Brayton at DE. On the other hand, this move tells me that the Raiders will not be pursuing the acquisition of a dynamic, young pass-rushing DE. They need one.

Also, disappointed in the Woodson signing with Green Bay. I was hoping he’d set his salary demands lower and re-sign with the Silver and Black. His injury problems the past few years have been tough – I still think he’s great and the Raiders just didn’t use him well (more returning and wide receiver play). He’ll be a great addition for Green Bay if he stays healthy. And don’t be surprised to see him back with the Raiders in a couple of years to finish out his career.