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Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

The stuff keeps coming out….now Rich Gannon speaks. And again, KNBR has a categorized list of his comments in Windows Media Audio(wma). Every Raider fan should listen to these.

Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

The Contra Costa Times reports it first: Bill Callahan has been fired.

Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

Man! More jaw-dropping commentary about this dreadful year and Callahan from Tim Brown on KNBR. Just some unbelievable revelations about the bad karma and horrible leadership going on all year. And here’s a related article on ESPN’s Page 2.

Monday, December 29th, 2003

Well, Callahan came into his Monday press conference and read a three minute, prepared statement on the Garner and C Woodson suspensions. No questions were taken. I think tomorrow this time, he’ll be gone. It’s really sad that after taking the team to a Super Bowl earlier this year, he’ll leave us with the image of a meek and powerless coach. After I listened to the game and all the post-game radio features, I had no idea of the total anarchy going on behind closed doors with the team. I mean, I obviously knew things were bad, but not so hideously bad. I read this article with astonishment. Even Tim Brown speaks out. There is obviously a totally cancerous attitude going on here and Callahan leaving is the only cure. I don’t see why he doesn’t resign before the axe comes down. Pride. That’s probably why. And, maybe C Woodson is right, a little arrogance. But you have to agree that he just blew it and maybe never had the true leadership qualities you need to be a successful head coach in the NFL.

Sunday, December 28th, 2003

This painful, pathetic season is finally over for the Raiders. The finale, a loss to the lowly Chargers, is the cherry on the crap-tasting cake. Another runner with a career day against the Raiders as Tomlinson ran for 243. Another sad, sad day for the passing offense: 0, yes that’s a zero, net yards passing against another poor pass defense. Two special teams TDs were the only reason it was as close as it was. To add to the misery, both C Woodson and Charlie Garner were suspended for the game due to disciplinary reasons. Coach Callahan didn’t clarify anything after the game(as usual) and this doesn’t bode well for Woodson to stay. I could go over all the injuries, but the point is that this team is not a TEAM and I don’t know if it’s a player problem, a coaching problem, or both. I’m looking forward to hearing Tim Brown’s radio show on Tuesday to see if he sheds any light on this situation and the disastrous year. I hear Rich Gannon is going to make some statements on Tuesday, as well. Also sad is that the Raiders set an all-time low for teams following a Super Bowl appearance with a 4-12 record. I can’t even gloat about the 7-9 record Tampa Bay finished with.

Unofficially, the Raiders and Chargers will flip a coin for the first pick in the 2004 draft. That’s good because I think they’ll get a great, young QB. But I really hope they grab Philip Rivers over Manning, who I think is overrated (if San Diego doesn’t win the flip and pick him). Regardless, I think something is going to happen with the coaching situation sooner rather than later, maybe even next week.

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

I am a glutton for punishment. I stayed up until 5:30 am in a London hotel room to watch a performance, if it can be called such, that tied for the worst home defeat in Raider history. You know it’s bad when you get down to your 5th string, yes I said 5th string, QB. There are guys off the street playing DL and only one OL that started the season is still playing, and he’s the weakest link of the five (B Sims). The guys didn’t lack effort, but there is a definite lack of skill being repeatedly shown this season in both tackling and pass coverage. Everything Favre threw up was caught, even desperation 40-50 yard heaves into double coverage. DBs were in position, but just not making plays on the ball. Anthony Dorsett did his free agent marketability some major damage in this one. P Buchanon again looked lost in pass coverage. He was so bad, he was yanked from the game. Everything was made that much worse because the guys stunk the joint up in front of a sold out crowd at home and on Monday Night Football. MNF used to be a sure win for the Raiders, but now they’re coming back to the pack in terms of their W-L record. This sad season pushed a great Offensive Tackle, Lincoln Kennedy, into retirement. He was a true warrior. Not a memorable swan song for him. He could be followed by Rice and Brown, though Jerry showed some pride with a big night pass receiving. If there’s anything good to come out of the last few games, it’s that Rick Mirer was exposed as the journeyman, back-up QB he’ll always be. I actually heard people mentioning that he could be like Rich Gannon, a late bloomer. This way, the team won’t waste any time, money, hope or an important roster spot on him next season. I think stick with Rich another year, if he’s healthy, but draft a kid in the first round. Everyone is saying Eli Manning, but mark my words: NC State QB Philip Rivers will be the greatest QB to come out of this draft.

Friday, December 19th, 2003

This is some serious, fucked up bullshit: Shane Lechler did NOT make the Pro Bowl!?! For most of the season, he led in BOTH average and net average. Only recently has his net average dipped a bit and it allowed hentrich to surpass him slightly. Oh…and one more minor detail….this year Shane became the best punter ever in the NFL….EVER!!! Here are some comments from other Raiders:

Injured quarterback Rich Gannon was incredulous: “The guy is going to be first-string All-Pro and he’s not going to the Pro Bowl?”

Tim Brown: “A travesty.”

Sounds like another Raider snub to me. What puzzles me is that players, fans, and coaches were involved. And he was leading in the internet fan voting, so that implies other players and coaches did the snubbing. They’re just kicking us while we’re down. First time since 1970 that the Raiders have not been represented in the game. Revenge will come and it will be sweet.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

zack crockett to the pro bowl? nice thought, but i don’t think it’ll happen. shane’s gonna be the only one, with charles woodson having an outside shot.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

jim fassel was fired today, though he’ll be allowed to coach the last two games of the season. could he be the next raider coach?

Monday, December 15th, 2003

The teams that made Oakland famous. man, what a great Christmas present it would be if my brother would tape this HBO special and send it to me.